Facial - Facials in San Ramon, CA

Getting a facial is a relaxing experience you should treat yourself to occasionally. Did you know that there are numerous benefits that come with facials other than the relaxation and pampering? There are several types of facials, and you can choose one depending on what you want or need. For instance, there are moisturizing, stress relieving and deep cleansing facials to name a few. Read on to learn about the advantages.

Exfoliation and Cleansing

Facials are excellent if your skin is in need of cleansing and exfoliation. Exfoliants remove dry skin, help fade dark spots and stimulate cell renewal. They also help products and cleansers reach deeper layers of skin. Cleansing helps to remove grease, dirt and toxins that build up on the skin. Many facial treatments also incorporate steam which helps to soften hardened oils trapped in the pores.

Anti-Aging Advantages

Certain treatments have anti-aging benefits. Laser and intense pulsed light treatments increase cell growth and collagen and help to remove dead skin. The results can include softer and more supple, youthful skin.


Masks are another reason to go get a facial. They are typically used at the end of the treatment, and they can provide radiance and deep hydration. Different types of masks can target different needs. To learn more about facials and what they can do for you, contact Kiki Brows.