Threading in woman - Eyebrow threading in San Ramon, CA

Threading is a process by which the individual strands of hair are twisted between threads and removed. It is most commonly used for facial hair, such as eyebrows. In recent years, the trend has gained popularity and shops that feature the cosmetic treatment have been popping up all over, even as kiosks in shopping malls. Threading has distinct advantages over other types of hair removal.


The entire process takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Technicians skilled in this area make it seem effortless as they pinch the thread together and remove unwanted hair.

Less Painful

The advantage of this type of hair removal is that it only removes hair, unlike waxing, which is applied to the skin, and thereby, strips the top layer of the skin as it removes hair. As a result, there is no reddening of the skin. This is good for people who have sensitive skin or allergic reactions to products.

Lasts Longer

Threading removes hair at its root. It lasts longer than traditional forms of hair removal. The process has also been known to thin hair follicles, which makes them less visible over time, eliminating the need for more frequent hair removal.

Threading has been in existence for several years as a beauty treatment and is now more widely available. For more on threading treatments, contact Kiki Brows today!